Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Update: Things are moving forward quite nicely

Here's the latest.

  • Two more chapters completed.
  • First pass at cover art completed by my Dad. This allows me to move forward with my official website.
  • One of the first items on the list for my website is a contest for potential readers to create symbols for the 12 immortals, "The Children of Az". Wrote up rules for that.
  • Joined several websites that will help get the word out for my book when the time comes.
  • Submitted two short stories on - got good reviews from several members, and since all reviewers on the site are other authors I am getting a good list of people to get blurbs from for the book cover.
  • Helping wife design website. She's got some great ideas that I hope we can make happen.

For those interested, sign up for the mailing list on my official website:


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