Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mid-month status

Just throwing out (or up) all the stuff I've been working on (in no particular oder):

1. Novel final edits: what I had hoped to have done by November 1st is still taking place. I'm around 60% done. If the family ever mends, I'll plow through the rest and upload to Lulu.
2. Map for novel: Starting to shape up. I've got a few more mountains to do, and then rivers, forests, cities, and roads.
3. The Nanomonkeys Podcast - I've done most of what I need to do for this. I've got a mid-month update sound file to edit and send to Chris Miller today. I had wanted to do interviews with the nano participants I interviewed at the beginning of the month, but it ain't gonna happen.
4. NaNoWriMo - behind in my word count, but happy with what I've done so far. While the novel is a murder mystery set in a fantasy world, this is a ghost story set in that same world.
5. Podcast short story - I have a short story that will be podcast soon on a popular podcast. I have a guest voice that will appear on the story that is going to make this even better! I can't wait to get it done and share what this is all about... soon.
6. Tag in the Seam - I did a promo for Leann Mabry with the Tag in the Seam podcast. I'll point a link to it once it starts getting played.
7. My T-minus podcasts - As soon as I'm done with #1, I'll be doing three or four "T-Minus" podcasts leading up to the start of the Murder at Avedon Hill podcast novel. More on this soon.

Once the crud leaves our family alone, I'll be very happy. BELIEVE me.

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