Tuesday, May 09, 2006

5/9 Update - Music Search 'Catch-22'

Diary of a Self-Published Author Word Count

14,401 / 60,000 (24.9%)

Murder at Avedon Hill

135,098 / 100,000 (135.1%)

Had to watch House tonight. Wrote for an hour or so afterwards.

Trying to learn how to do the .xml feed for my future podcast. Working with a 'catch-22' of a system at music.podshow.com. The Podsafe Music Network allows people to download royalty-free music that can be used within podcasts (for a small fee and I assume a follow-up communication with the music owner to seal the deal). I don't have a podcast yet, but I want to start collecting music that I will use as loops within my planned podiobook. The problem is you cannot register at the site until you have an existing feed for a podcast. :(

The workaround is to set up a dummy feed, which is what I am doing now. Anybody that has music, medieval mood music, mystery music, etc., please let me know!

I'll be out a few days. I've got some elective surgery Thursday... no more babies for me :) I still hope to write some this weekend though as I sit on my fat duff recovering.



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