Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Power-Poster Nominee over at

One of my pre-release marketing strategies is to become an 'entity' at various websites across the internet. I have become at least 'known' on several fantasy and science fiction sites, and 'well-known' on several RPG and computer game related sites. When the book is released I hope at least some users from these various sites will make it over here to take a look at my work.
One site I have frequently visited and contributed to is the online publishing site

Since I plan to publish through Lulu if I am not picked up by TOR books, I have spent time on their forums, conversing with other aspiring writers, providing info to visitors to the site, etc. There are those that do not view online publishers as 'worthy of merit', but P.O.D.s are an growing niche in the publishing world and Lulu is quickly becoming one of the biggest players in this market.

Recently I was given the status of "Power Poster Nominee" by the Lulu staff, which should lead to the status of "Power Poster." While I don't post as often as many on Lulu's forums, I guess they like what I post. I get a nice little icon under my name when I post now, which hopefully will convince people who see my posts to take a closer look at what I have to say (I mean write :) ).


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