Sunday, May 21, 2006

Purge-writing and a new comic strip

I locked myself in my office last night in an attempt to write without editing, regurgitating words onto page until I finished the last two chapters of the first draft. It didn't quite work out (konked out just after midnight, 1,200 words later).

Tonight I'm going to do the same thing. It'll be a good night for it (Desperate Housewives will be on the big t.v., and I'm not interested in that at all. :) ).

We got another fun item completed over at the Four Ugly Monsters website. Our first comic strip based on the "Four Ugly Monsters." It's called FUM:Stripped, and it pays homage to one of our favorite TV shows, Southpark. Apologies in advance to anyone that has ever done a real comic strip :)



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