Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Four Ugly Monsters Content Pack

This week I'm finally finishing up my work on a content pack for the gaming company I co-own. The art has been ready for two months now (at least). My job has been to consolidate the art into a content pack that can be used with the virtual table application Fantasy Grounds. Also as part of this content pack I've created around 30 NPCs, descriptions, story hooks, etc.

The content pack is a small town that can be used as a stopping point for any campaign a DM is running. The various maps and tokens can also be extracted from the pack and used separately... if a DM needs a map of an inn and some tokens to represent an innkeeper, maid, and bartender, they can easily pull them out of the pack and use them as they will.

Book update: Another 400 words written over the last couple of days during lunch.

Word Count: 138,456

I also upgraded my mapping program recently (Campaign Cartographer 3). I should have the world-map for the book finished in the next couple of weeks.



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