Friday, June 02, 2006

Three Podcasts

Like I mentioned in another post I've gotten into podcasts lately. I have found several great gaming related podcasts:

Dragon's Landing - Discussion of role-playing games by gamers. They have a lively forums where they discuss role-playing, gaming, rules, etc. They are working on a generic, modular role-playing system called CHUPA that I may one day convert for use with Fantasy Grounds.

They have a segment in their podcast called The Frugal Gamer, which points out free websites that support role-playing games and inexpensive rpg products that one might look at as a frugal gamer.

In one podcast they briefly discussed virtual table apps such as openrpg and mentioned Fantasy Grounds and Battlegrounds:RPG Edition. I posted a brief response in their forums about FG. When the time came I posted about our webcomic at Four Ugly Monsters. The comic and FUM was mentioned in their latest podcast. It was great to see the first mention of our small gaming company in a well-respected podcast.

The House of the Harping Monkey - This is a podcast that deals more with the subject of mythology and philosophy and how it is used in gaming, movies, literature, etc. But the podcast is made up of gamers and the topics on the podcast and the forums deal with these subjects extensively.

They are beginning to build out a MUX that I want to check out. They also have a play by post game starting up. I have never gotten involved in a pbp game... it looks interesting.

Gamer: The Podcasting - Gamer the Podcasting is a show dedicated to talking about games of all sorts, specializing in roleplaying games and live-action roleplaying games.

They focus on the art of role-playing, more often on LARPing than table-top gaming, but their forums take on both sides of that fence.

Plus they've got a female perspective you don't find very often (and she's good looking to boot, not that you can see someone on an audio podcast, but hey, does that really matter?).

I am going to attend a couple of cons this summer and will be concentrating on the podcasting tracks going on there. I plan on doing a podiobook of my novel after it is done, and if I continue to listen to six plus hours a day of gaming/sci-fi/fantasy/writing podcasts that are out there, I might just have to throw my hat in the ring at some point.



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