Saturday, May 27, 2006

Three Steps Forward...

Two Steps back.

I wrote approximately 1200 more words over the last three nights. Getting over my hump of stressing over the impact of the climax of the novel and just finishing it, knowing I'm going to go back and edit it anyway.

I got some feedback from my father in law on what his first reading of everything up to chapter 40. He pointed out the same thing that my friend Scott said, which is that the novel gets slow for a few chapters early on. It's a mystery, so the main characters are out meeting people that could be involved in the murder, but I needed an action sequence to break up these chapters.

I figured out how to handle this... I'm adding a "hunting" event that will bring another chance for Arames (the main character) to interact with Father Jorrus, an undead hunter intent on discovering a vampire he believes is hiding in Avedon Hill.

It will be good, but it's another 2,000-3,000 words that I'll have to add. Considering I want to cut around 30,000 words of this novel before I'm done, I'm going to have some issues later on.



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