Wednesday, July 19, 2006

First Foray into Podcasting... sort of

Dragon's Landing
I've mentioned The Dragon's Landing Inn website and podcast. I feel it is the best RPG podcast out there.

Recently they asked listeners to record their own version of the DLI closing credits (where they give out their email, website address, ask people to vote for their podcast, etc.) and they started playing the listener contributions in episode 49.

Since I want to get into podcasting (for my book and maybe someday do a podcast on virtual table gaming?) I recorded a parody on the movie Poltergeist that included the DLI closing credits and some inside jokes that those not familiar with the podcast might not 'get.'

It was my first foray into using Adobe Audition to mix different vocal tracks, add effects to do different voices, etc. I sent in a sample for them to review so I could get feedback (I knew it was too long and I didn't have enough variety between the three female voices in the clip), but they ended up using it 'as is.'

The link to the podcast (Podcast #51) is on the left side of this screen:

The parody is the last five minutes of the podcast, if anyone gets the chance to listen to it. It was fun... I'm hooked on this podcasting stuff.

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