Thursday, February 10, 2005

Work Continues...

The Good News? Another chapter completed.

The Bad News? Something kept telling me that the symbol my wife and I had created for the Aarronic Advisors (the group that acts as a sort of checks and balances against the religious and secular powers in Caern) was too familiar... and then I found out why. It was almost exactly the same as a celtic symbol I had seen many times during my life. Oh well. It only goes to show you that we are shaped by everything we have seen or done, because it certainly wasn't done on purpose.

Nevertheless we went in and made changes to it.

So what were the changes? Well, I rotated the symbol so that the points (representing the three provinces of Caern) would align to their respective places on the map of Caern. The center of the symbol represents Thorn’s Way, the independent principality that the Aarronic Order calls home. The outer circle represents Caern as a whole, while the inner circle symbolizes the work of the Order trying to keep Caern safe.

Anyway, more work on the book this week. I still need to finish some editing on the early part of the book so I can send it out to a couple of publishers. Wish me luck!!