Friday, March 10, 2006

Short Writing Examples Posted

Looking for reviewers!

In anticipation of completing my first novel I have posted two (one new, one reuploaded) free short pieces over at I'm doing this for two reasons:

First, to try out the uploading/conversion process at Lulu. My book is going to be a bear to upload when the time comes, as it has special fonts for chapter titles, lots of b/w images throughout (maps, icons at the beginning of chapters, etc). I'm going to have to convert the word doc to .pdf and then upload it (so I can embed those fonts prior to uploading).

The second reason is to entice those of you that have already published with Lulu to become reviewers of my novel once I've finished the editing process. I'll use the Reviews forum for this when the time comes, but if there are fantasy and science fiction writers here that like these short pieces and might like to receive a review copy of my novel when the time comes, let me know.

Here are the short downloads I'm referring to::

Roh-kin - (6 pages) - short character piece meant to introduce a character that will appear in a future novel.

Seeker - (10 pages) - actually the prologue of what should be my 4th novel (if I got these things mapped out correctly :) ).

The idea behind these two short pieces is to introduce readers to my writing style and setting. The Land of Caern is a world where the Children of the Creator god Az can choose to be born into the world as mortals, and often do. It is a world where the conflict between religious faith and arcane magic has reached a breaking point. It is a world where demons have periodically crossed over through tears in the fabric of the universe caused during the ancient wars between these Children. Are the Children pulling the strings, or are they simply being swept along towards the destruction of the barriers between Caern and the demon-world called Tourim?

So anyways, if you have a few minutes and can read one or both of these short pieces and can comment on them, I'd appreciate it! (you would have to join lulu to download them, but it is free and is a good place to hang out if you are an apiring writer).