Saturday, February 17, 2007

Updates on the official Murder at Avedon Hill website

Murder at Avedon Hill Episode T-Minus 3 - Introductions, a couple skits, and a lot of promos.

Appearance on the Five Minute Memoir podcast - I recall a day from my youth.

Murder at Avedon Hill Promo - Leann Mabry plays Gretta in my first promo for MaAH

Appearance on J.C. Hutchins's 7th Son Podcast - I wrote a skit about people hurting themselves while doing Kilroy 2.0 impressions. Several great podcasters helped me pull this off. It's called "Kilroy 2.0 Stress Disorder"

Appearance on Scott Sigler's The Rookie Podcast - I wrote a fun short story about meeting Scott Sigler at Dragon*Con. It's a little bit comedy and a little bit horror at the same time. Scott dropped it into his podcast feed last month.