Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Update: Things are moving forward quite nicely

Here's the latest.

  • Two more chapters completed.
  • First pass at cover art completed by my Dad. This allows me to move forward with my official website.
  • One of the first items on the list for my website is a contest for potential readers to create symbols for the 12 immortals, "The Children of Az". Wrote up rules for that.
  • Joined several websites that will help get the word out for my book when the time comes.
  • Submitted two short stories on - got good reviews from several members, and since all reviewers on the site are other authors I am getting a good list of people to get blurbs from for the book cover.
  • Helping wife design website. She's got some great ideas that I hope we can make happen.

For those interested, sign up for the mailing list on my official website:

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I recently discovered, a virtual writing workshop sponsored by Francis Ford Coppola and American Zoetrope Studios. There are different areas for different types of writing: Short stories, screenplays, novellas, short scripts, poetry, flash fiction, etc. The site promotes and encourages reviews of other authors' works by requiring five reviews per submission you make.

Both reviewers and author submissions are rated, which helps foster the review process. In less than a week I have gotten some great feedback about the short story I published here as a free e-book download. And in the process I have met more than a few writers that are very talented and that seem to like my writing style... which is a great thing for someone new to all of this like myself.