Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New baby... new website... now I just need to get back to the book!

Daughter Alexis was born on January 10th. The wife had a hard time of it though, getting an infection and later pneumonia. She's back to normal now, but I haven't had a moment to even think about the book, even though I only have 2 chapters to go.

In the meantime I have opened a website with three other guys called Four Ugly Monsters. It is a both a fan site for users of the Fantasy Grounds virtual table application and also a commercial site. Our focus will be on the creative aspects of FG. Our primary goal is to build and release targeted token/map packs, full-blown content packs, and d20 modules for use by Fantasy Grounds GMs.

We are now offering our first products, character and monster token packs for use with Fantasy Grounds and other virtual table applications.

I hope to get back to the book in a week or so.